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Billy: Well it's a beautiful day in Biggleland today. Especially since this day happens to be my birthday! (looks around) I'm sure my friends won't forget me on my birthday (looks to the Biggle Bakery) or just maybe.

[inside the bakey]

Billy: [enters the bakery as Muffin Man was looking at all his letters] Hello Muffin Man.

Muffin Man: Oh hi there Billy!

Billy: Is there anything special going on today?

Muffin Man: Well no but...

Billy: Yes?

Muffin Man: Well I have to go out and mail some letters but I have nobody to watch the store right now.

Billy: I'll watch the store for you Muffin Man.

Muffin Man: Really, you will?

Billy: Sure I will.

Muffin Man: [hurries through the door] You really are a good friend to all of us here. Oh Billy be a good biggle and help out anyone who comes in the store will you?

Billy: You can count on me! [Muffin Man leaves] Well it's awfully quiet in here. [Alouette walks into the store] Bonjour Mademoiselle Alouette. How are things at the toy store?

Alouette: Bonjour à Billy . Avez-vous vu Muffin Man?

Billy: Have I seen Muffin Man? Well he's out right now but he'll be...

Alouette: (interrupts Billy) C'est terrible. Il me aide habituellement le mardi. Maintenant je dois faire un peu de shopping et je ne ai personne pour regarder mon magasin pour moi.

Billy: So Muffin Man usually helps you on Tuesdays and now you have to do some shopping and you have nobody to watch your store for you?

Alouette: Oui, oui

Billy: Well [looks around] I guess things are a little slow around here and I...

Alouette: (interupts Billy) C'est super.

Billy: Yes I can help watch your store.

Alouette: Merci Billy , vous êtes un vrai ami pour nous tous.

Billy: I'm a good friend to all of you. Right [a little girl walks into the Bakery] May I help you?

Little girl: Hello, I would like to buy a cookie please.

Billy: [sees someone going into the toy store] Uh, Can you hold on for a minute? I'll be right back. [heads out the door, looks both ways and crosses the street to the toy store]

[at Alouette's Toys Shop]

Billy: (to the customer) May I help you ma'am.

Old Lady: [meets Billy nose to nose] Is that you Mrs. Annabella?

Billy: Actually that's Alouette but I'm Billy ma'am.

Old Lady: Uh, Mrs. Billyette?

Billy: No that's Billouette, I mean Alouilly, uh...

Old Lady: Oh enough about that I want to see a teddy bear.

Billy: Which one ma'am?

Old Lady: Um, I want to see that one. [points to a teddy bead with a red bow with white spots on the top shelf]

Billy: Right, [runs to get a ladder and climbs to the top shelf, grabs the teddy bear and falls back down]

Old Lady: [takes the teddy bear] Hmmm, I'm just not sure.

Billy: Can you excuse me for a minute? [teleports to the bakery]

[at the Biggle Bakery]

Little Girl: I just wanted to get a cookie.

Billy: [packs up a chocolate chip cookie] Okay, here you are. [gives the bag to the little girl, he watches the little girl leave] (remembers the toy store] Ah! [teleports to the toy store]

[at Alouette's Toy Shop]

Billy: [looks at a mess that's been made] Oh my! [the old lady on the ladder knocks down some dolls and Billy catches them all]

Professor Majorchord: Oh hello Billy. Are you watching the store?

Billy: Yes.

Professor Majorchord: Well I need to buy a dozen candles.

Billy: Oh don't you worry, I can handle it. [heads for the back room]

Professor Majorchord: (to the old lady) Good afternoon ma'am.

Old Lady: Don't you sweet talk me young man.

Billy: (remembers the bakery) Sweet! [teleports back to the bakery]

[at the Biggle Bakery]

Billy: Hi can I help you?

Ruby: Billy! You're watching the store?

Billy: Sure am big sister.

Ruby: Okay well I'm here to pick up some oatmeal raisin cookies.

Billy: [packs some oatmeal raisin cookies and gives them to Ruby] Here you go. Is that all?

Ruby: Oh now that you mentioned it Little Brother, I also need to put in an order for a cake.

Billy: Cake coming up. [heads into the kicthen, and mixes batter for a cake and places the batter into the oven to bake when a disaster is heard at the toy store] Oh my! [teleports to the toy store]

[at Alouette's toy store]

Billy: [sees the mess] What'a all this!!!

Professor Majorchord: [recovers a box of candles from a pile] These will be perfect.

Billy: [sees a candle making machine in the back] Of course!

Professor Majorchord: Billy?

Billy: [turns on the candle making machine, while running to the bakery he knocks over a broom turning the switch to crazy fast]

Old Lady: [watches Billy run to the bakery] Oh Mr. Billyettealou.?

[at the Biggle Bakery]

Billy: [takes the cake out of the oven and trips over a table leg, a bag of yeast pours all over him] This isn't good.

Ruby: Oh Billy, The cake was supposed to be a birthday cake for...

Billy: Yes?

Ruby: For.... I can't remember? [looks at the mess] Are you sure you don't need any help little brother?

Billy: No thanks I got it.

Ruby: Okay, I guess I'll be back. [leaves the bakery]

Billy: [places the cake on a table and then teleports to the toy store]

[at Alouette's toy shop]

Billy: [pushes Professor Majorchord out] Thanks for shopping at Alouette's goodbye. [teleports to the bakery]

Professor Majorchord: Something funny is going on here.

[at the Biggle bakery]

young biggles: Cookie! cookie! cookie!

Billy:[teleports to the toy store to find the circus clowns juggling balls and balancing golf clubs on their noses and then he teleports back to the bakery]

young biggles: Cookie! cookie! cookie! cookie! cookie! cookie! cookie! cookie!

Billy: [drops all the cookies] AHHHHH!!!!! [runs out of the bakery] I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! [catches his breath] [the ground starts to vibrate and Billy sees yeast leaking ot of the windows at the bakery and smoke coming out of the toy store] Oh no! [dough explodes from the chimney at the bakery and candles explode from the chimney at the toy store] NO! I don't belive this! [a giant birthday cake lands on him followed by 24 candles]

Crowd: [gathers around Billy] Happy Birthday Billy!

Ruby: There you are Billy the birthday cake was supposed to be addressed to you.

Muffin Man: I can fix that easily. [Writes "Happy Birthday Billy" on the cake in blue icing] There we are.

Billy: That's the last time I look after anyone's store.

***THE END***
Biggle Shorts: Cuke of all Trades
After remembering Larryboy Cartoon adventures I decided to do this on April 21st which by the way is Billy Biggle's birthday so I did this based on a Larryboy cartoon adventures short.

Kidsongs (C) 2015 Together Again Productions
Larryboy Cartoon Advnetures (C) 2015 Big Idea Productions
Dear Friends,

I'm currently experiencing a problem with both of my accounts whenever I click on the messages box it automatically logs me into my other account and I'm in the messages box there. "Yeah, for those who don't know I have 2 accounts on DA" This is a huge burden if I'm on one account then after a log into my other one and check my messages I end up in the messages box in my other account and I'm even automatically logged back on the other and weather it's the one I'm logged onto or the one I'm sent back to the messages I deleted are back in my messages box. Right now my only way of preventing this problem is to read the messages in one of my accounts on my laptop but this is still a burden I hope this problem gets fixed I'm well aware there are people on DA who also have multiple accounts of share their computers with a family member or so who are also DA members and they could possibly be experiencing this too. I hope we won't have to deal with this for long.

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