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What would you like me to draw?
If there's anything you'd like me to draw for you then you can commission it here. I do fanarts here but if you want something else then see my other account :iconjacobmski:. I won't draw any content that will be offensive to others so don't ask me to draw things like porn, violence or any of that stuff.

I can draw cartoon characters, movie characters, game characters or OCs. I can draw anything that relates to fan stuff.

Free requests can just be asked for in my comments section but everyone can get only one of those a month. Commissions for $12.90 on the other hand have no limits per time.

Newest Deviations

Watching the Solar Eclipse by TailsandPercy105 Watching the Solar Eclipse :icontailsandpercy105:TailsandPercy105 7 14 Royal Mail Post Bus by TailsandPercy105 Royal Mail Post Bus :icontailsandpercy105:TailsandPercy105 0 0 Jacob (Human Version) in GTHR Uniform by TailsandPercy105 Jacob (Human Version) in GTHR Uniform :icontailsandpercy105:TailsandPercy105 0 0 Time flies by when I'm a driver of a train by TailsandPercy105 Time flies by when I'm a driver of a train :icontailsandpercy105:TailsandPercy105 2 2 Trumpton Town Clock by TailsandPercy105 Trumpton Town Clock :icontailsandpercy105:TailsandPercy105 0 0 Me and Estomac storyboard by TailsandPercy105 Me and Estomac storyboard :icontailsandpercy105:TailsandPercy105 5 21
Me and Estomac.
Alouette: Bonjour Jacob. Hello Jacob.

Jacob: Hello Alouette.

(from underneath Alouette's skirt) *tisses* Pop! Pop! Pop! Hey Jacob, can you pull down Alouette's skirt so I can see you?
Jacob: Of course Estomac. (pulls Alouette's skirt down enough to see her stomach) Oh Estomac you're as lovely as ever. (rubs Estomac)  How's the belly button?

(lifts it's belly button) It's as good as always.

(picks Estomac's belly button) Glad to know. (to Alouette) So how are you?

 En fait, j'ai un peu de sommeil. Je rentrais chez moi pour faire une sieste. Actually I'm a bit sleepy. I was just going home for a nap.

I see.
Alouette: Jacob, pourquoi ne venez-vous pas avec moi pour pouvoir jouer avec Estomac. Jacob, why don't you come with me so you can play with Estomac.

(rumbles) I'd love that.
Jacob: Sure, count me in.
:icontailsandpercy105:TailsandPercy105 3 0
Larry puffing his balloon by TailsandPercy105 Larry puffing his balloon :icontailsandpercy105:TailsandPercy105 4 2 Times are changing by TailsandPercy105 Times are changing :icontailsandpercy105:TailsandPercy105 1 3 Happy Birthday Drew! (Part 2) by TailsandPercy105 Happy Birthday Drew! (Part 2) :icontailsandpercy105:TailsandPercy105 6 3 Happy Birthday Drew! (Part 1) by TailsandPercy105 Happy Birthday Drew! (Part 1) :icontailsandpercy105:TailsandPercy105 9 9 Carol and Rusty in a Spaceship by TailsandPercy105 Carol and Rusty in a Spaceship :icontailsandpercy105:TailsandPercy105 7 2 Ryan with a big tummy. by TailsandPercy105 Ryan with a big tummy. :icontailsandpercy105:TailsandPercy105 11 15 Everest celebrates Canada Day by TailsandPercy105 Everest celebrates Canada Day :icontailsandpercy105:TailsandPercy105 7 0 People of Trumptonshire defend the Internet by TailsandPercy105 People of Trumptonshire defend the Internet :icontailsandpercy105:TailsandPercy105 3 0 Rubs for Lolli's aching stomach by TailsandPercy105 Rubs for Lolli's aching stomach :icontailsandpercy105:TailsandPercy105 12 2


A classic line by Oceanlinerorca A classic line :iconoceanlinerorca:Oceanlinerorca 1 4 Cat Jacob by Oceanlinerorca Cat Jacob :iconoceanlinerorca:Oceanlinerorca 1 3 We Can by marioandsonicFTW We Can :iconmarioandsonicftw:marioandsonicFTW 19 4 Lunch Lover by AdvanceArcy Lunch Lover :iconadvancearcy:AdvanceArcy 18 31 Pokemon May, Ash outfit by Snowdog-zic Pokemon May, Ash outfit :iconsnowdog-zic:Snowdog-zic 12 10 Mid-deck by Oceanlinerorca Mid-deck :iconoceanlinerorca:Oceanlinerorca 2 0 Barge carrying a tanker by Oceanlinerorca Barge carrying a tanker :iconoceanlinerorca:Oceanlinerorca 4 11 Preparing to take off by Oceanlinerorca Preparing to take off :iconoceanlinerorca:Oceanlinerorca 4 0 Parry Sound CCG base by Oceanlinerorca Parry Sound CCG base :iconoceanlinerorca:Oceanlinerorca 1 1 Small boat by Oceanlinerorca Small boat :iconoceanlinerorca:Oceanlinerorca 11 7 Parry Sound by Oceanlinerorca Parry Sound :iconoceanlinerorca:Oceanlinerorca 5 8 Island Queen by Oceanlinerorca Island Queen :iconoceanlinerorca:Oceanlinerorca 4 4 WD Narrow Gauge for JF1991 by DanielArkansanEngine WD Narrow Gauge for JF1991 :icondanielarkansanengine:DanielArkansanEngine 25 27 Time to play around Adventure Bay by Musicalmutt2 Time to play around Adventure Bay :iconmusicalmutt2:Musicalmutt2 148 145 The Queen of Unova by Oceanlinerorca The Queen of Unova :iconoceanlinerorca:Oceanlinerorca 11 11 Paw patrol OC: Park the forest ranger pup by ThetaPup Paw patrol OC: Park the forest ranger pup :iconthetapup:ThetaPup 20 14

Journal History


Watching the Solar Eclipse
Yesterday I saw the solar eclipse. It wasn't full and I didn't experience much darkness but I did see it. With that I decided to draw this where I was watching it with Isabelle and the Biggles. I drew the solar eclipse the way I saw it.

Kidsongs (C) Together Again Productions
Animal Crossing (C) Nintendo
Royal Mail Post Bus
I drew this picture of myself driving a Royal Mail Post Bus in Scotland. The post buses are a service exclusive to the UK and are available in rural areas where public bus and rail services are not readily available. There are also buses that carry parcels in North America including Mexico, Greyhound buses do this. Anyway, I just emptied out a pillar box and now we're on our way.
Dear Friends,

I'm back from my birthday trip to the Kangaroo farm, we didn't get to go to Leavenworth instead I got my annual cab ride on the Chehalis and Centralia Railway but I'm sorry to say that this sort of fun is finally starting to ware out and I might not be doing this for any longer. The Outback Kangaroo Farm on the other hand was amazing, I actually got to pet some kangaroos which happen to be my favourite animal, I'd like to go back there one day, you'll see some pictures from that on :iconjacobmski:.



TailsandPercy105's Profile Picture
United States
I'm an autistic Asian lad who is usually depressed. I do not have many friends and I have never even had a girlfriend. I like things that are obsolete. I daydream quite a lot about many things and I even have a very good memory. I'm also a pretty good drawer. Sometimes I tempt to not think twice until it's too late.

If you've come here to curse, talk bad about anything or give me a hard time GO AWAY or you'll be spammed and blocked! Don't even ask me how old I am except for on my birthday and if you block me then I will block you in return.

Listed below is everywhere else you can find me.

On DeviantArt:
:iconjacobmski: - photos and more
:iconunited-pacific-rr: - United Pacific pictures and stories

On Furaffnity:… - SFW… - NSFW

:iconcommissionsask: I do this for points, I must get at least 10 if I do a commission.
:icontradesask: I can do these too if you're willing to draw something for me.
:iconrequestsask: Only one a month per person.
:icongiftsfriendsonly: This is something personal.

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---|||---|||---I'm autistic
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----///-----or have autism

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You might see yourself in my friends box but you need to earn your places below. These are the people I respect and trust.

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Autism... not a dunce cap. by StrawberryR Don't WASTE your time by Dinoforms

I Heart Thomas Stamp by MeganekkoPlymouth241 Thomas the Tank Engine Stamp by Hunter-Arkaman Ruby Biggle Fan Stamp by TailsandPercy105 Kidsongs Stamp by The2ndEinstein Magic School Bus Stamp by magicschoolbus-fans Stamp - AC Movie by coffeefanatic3462 Animal Crossing Stamp by milkyribbon Mr. Resetti Bugs Me by BeforeIDecay1996 Tia Fan Stamp by tinystalker Nintendo 3Ds: Stamp by JazzaX Lalaloopsy Stamp by Narlina-Lumiose TMOAH stamp no.13 by Csodaaut

Stamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirl Stamp - Love Ponies by MauserGirl Stamp - Love Horses by MauserGirl Steam Engines by KittyBlues I Love Ships Stamp by Hemuvel Airplane stamp by Dinkysaurus 90s by StrawberryDethMetal Korean Pride 8-D by taegeukgi South Korean Stamp by phantom USA Stamp by LyinRyan Washington State Flag USA by 2753Productions Canada by SaxonSurokov British Columbia by SaxonSurokov


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